Sunday, August 7, 2011

Step One -- The Dumpster

Since our major purge last month, I have continued looking around our home for things that are no longer useful or beautiful to us.  I have an over flowing box of things already!  "Didn't we just have a yard sale?" Dada asks me.

Aside from our yard sale box, I also have a Freecycle box -- I love Freecycle!  Please tell me you know about Freecycle -- items that still have life in them and could be used by someone else are posted (by region) by the giver -- yes, giver, as in no strings or cost attached.  If you are interested in the item, simply respond to the giver and arrange for pick up.  Easy, free, recycling!  Anyway, after cleaning out under the deck we found an old patio table, a wagon that needed some TLC, and some other things.  We were able to find new homes for all of them through the miracle of Freecycle -- Hooray!  We also picked up a pair of rubber boots, shoes and skates this weekend thanks to Freecycle -- see it goes both ways!

So, with all this extra clean up and plans to start work on the kitchen (the plan is to do little bits at a time and do as much of it ourselves as possible), we decided we needed a dumpster for the stuff that couldn't be sold or recycled.  As I was picking things up outside the house, the boys asked if they could help.  I gave them some branches, they threw them into the bin and eagerly came back for more -- I've never had such enthusiastic help with yard work!  After suggesting that they look through the dirt pile for broken toys that they were done with, they took off running and brought back toys that I had been trying to get rid of all summer.  It's amazing how much easier it is to get rid of something when you get to throw it into a dumpster -- it must be a boy thing!

Now, off to find my hammer so I can start on the kitchen.  The upper cabinets are coming down!

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