About Me

I'm Peggy.  I live in a little community in Nova Scotia with Paul and our four kids.

I started this blog in January (2011) after reading a newspaper article about how to take better pictures.  It encouraged readers to take more pictures, lots more -- how else are you going to improve if you don't practice?  It then suggested starting a blog as a way of keeping yourself accountable to your new goal, and so "6 Winters in Wonderland" was born.  I immediately started clicking away, but when I went to post the pictures, I felt that the story was just as important as the picture.  So I continue to take pictures (and hopefully improve), but also tell my stories about life with kids, ongoing projects in our house, things that I am thankful for, and whatever else pops into my head on any given day.

The name "6 Winters in Wonderland" is a play on words with our last name (which is Winter), but just as easily (and sometimes more appropriately) conjures up images of Lewis Carroll's world in Alice in Wonderland.  That chaotic, illogical and dreamy world is sometimes a very accurate portrait of our world -- does that make me Alice, or maybe the Queen of Hearts?  Hmmmmm...

You can reach me at 6wintersinwonderland@gmail.com.
Thanks for reading,
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