Saturday, March 16, 2013

A New Addition!

Now before any of you get the wrong idea, it's not THAT kind of addition.  With one working parent and 3 boys that can already out eat me if they decide to, another addition of that kind, while cute and cuddly, would not be .... well let's just put that thought out of our heads!

The addition that I am talking about is a little bit smaller, a little bit wigglier, a whole lot quieter, and very useful in the garden -- WORMS!  We now have a whole pound of red wigglers (about 1000 worms) hanging out in our house.  We give them our kitchen scraps and they give us amazingly rich soil, which will be put into our soon-to-be vegetable garden, which will produce more kitchen scraps for our new friends.  Oh, the connected-ness of it all is so exciting -- yes, I am saying that worms are exciting.

Making up their new home

Happy worms
This is the next baby step toward our own little homestead, so a great big welcome to Walter, William, Willa, Wyatt, Wade, Wanda, Waldo, Willow, Wilson, Winston, Woody, Wesley, Wendy ...


  1. You named your worms? Heeheehee We had worms a few years ago, until one evening when I found them crawling around on the kitchen floor in the dark... they got introduced to the garden shortly thereafter.

    1. We had that problem too, but a little increased security seemed to do the trick :-)


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