Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our BIG Adventure -- Day 8 & 9

We awoke early on day 8 to thunder and lightening. It didn't last long, but since we were already awake we decided to get an early start and hit the road again.

We drove for most of the day, picnicked on the beach between the raindrops, and stopped in Iron River, Wisconsin. After discovering that the county fair was that weekend, we decided to hang around for an extra day and check it out ... because who can resist a county fair (especially one with rumours of bull riding)?

Day 9 was slightly overcast, but off we went to the Bayfield County Fair, and it did not disappoint! There were kids of all ages in horse riding competitions (my favourite part), a stunt motorcycle show, the usual rides, games and food (deep fried everything from potatoes to Oreo to green beans!), and lots of animal, baking and craft competitions. We spent a lot of time looking around the foul and rabbit barn (Isaac's favourite part) where I was informed many times that some of the bunnies were for sale ... hmmmm maybe I should have checked their pockets before we left.

Owen and Laurel enjoyed the ferris wheel best, while the highlight for Aidan was the pony ride! (sorry no picture ... I was busy consoling Laurel who went around once then decided she was done).

Although the rumour of bull riding was true, it wasn't until later in the evening, so we headed back to our campsite for some supper (some very tasty ham from the local farmers market), an evening campfire and some smores.

Another great day on this big adventure of ours ...

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  1. What a fantastic adventure you're all having. Great writing Peg. You make me feel like I'm right there.
    This is pretty special.


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