Wednesday, February 20, 2013

one, two, three, four ...

With all the snow that we had last weekend (okay, 2 weekends ago ... that's how long this post has been floating around in my head), I thought that I should knit up a few pairs of mittens -- one for each child was my lofty goal for the weekend.  Nice thought, but it didn't happen.  Now, more than two weeks later (ahem!) I have one finished pair.

Nothing too fancy but the wearer is very pleased with them.  Here is the pattern that I used -- it's basic and simple.  But, after finishing the first mitt, I discovered that it was a little to big for even my biggest boy, so I adjusted the second mitt a bit.  Clever, right?  Not so much ... I didn't write down what I did, so back to the drawing board for pair #2!

As I was finishing up the last mitten, Laurel joined me.  When she gets tired, she will often climb up behind me, put her thumb in her mouth and grab a handful of hair (yes, she is still attached to my hair, but thankfully, she does not pull so much anymore!).  As I got closer to the top of the mitten (and decreasing stitches), I was counting aloud to myself:  "one, two, three, four.".  Then the patterned called for knitting 2 stitches together.  After a couple of rounds, Laurel leaning on my back, me still counting ... "one, two, three, four ...", I stopped to wrestle with some particularly tight stitches, and a little voice whispered in my ear: "five" ... funny girl!


  1. Oh too cute!

    I LOVE the mittens. They remind me of the ones my grandma knit for us kids every winter!

    1. Thanks! I chose this pattern because they reminded me of my childhood homemade mitts too.


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