Monday, August 20, 2012

Our BIG Adventure -- Day 4

We were back on the road again today, on the way to our nation's capital, Ottawa. We avoided Montreal as much as we could (sorry Montreal!), but the boys did enjoy driving on the "race track" as we were going by -- what else would you call 4 lanes of traffic all heading the same direction with cars racing by?

Despite the numerous construction sites and other minor delays, we finally came to Ontario and arrived in Ottawa just in time to catch some drive home traffic! The boys, having never seen anything like this before, were appalled that we were STOPPED on the highway.

After finding our campground and getting set up, we made our way into an area of the city known as "the Glebe" for supper at Paul's cousin's. Isaac and Aidan were thrilled to have some older boys to hang with ... a little bit of street hockey, video games, good food and family, what could be better?

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