Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our BIG Adventure -- Day 3

** technology seems to be working against me lately -- that's why I'm only on day 3.  I will keep trying, but I may have to change things up a bit.  Adding pictures is particularly challenging, so I may have to be content with only 2 or 3 per post ( I also can't seem to fix the word "pledding" closer to the end of this entry -- it should say pleading.  Please overlook any other spelling mistakes.)  I am open to any suggestions.  Thanks for your patience. **

I have realised that there may be people out there to whom this big adventure of ours may have come as a bit of a surprise. So, first, some explanation. My older brother is getting married at the end of the month and I wouldn't miss it for the world. The challenge was that he lives in Edmonton, Alberta and we live in Nova Scotia! We thought about flying, but flying 6 people so far seemed a little daunting. We joked about driving but that seemed even more crazy! But as time went on, the jokes turned into serious discussions, then ... "let's turn this into a huge adventure!" we thought. And if we're going to be in Edmonton, we decided we might as well make it a real cross-Canada trip and go all the way to Victoria, British Columbia to visit one of Paul's sisters and her family. So that is how it came to be that 3 days ago we left our house intent on seeing as much of this great country of ours as we can (and friends and family that are scattered across it). Now on to ...

Day 3

In true tourist style, we headed for Old Quebec and started strolling through the cobbled streets, stopping in some of the places that interested us.
A sports store ...

a candy store (in the following pictures the kids have sucker sticks in their mouths, not cigarettes as it appears at first glance ... I know that things are quite liberal in Quebec, but I not allowing that yet!).

and this bistro looked especially appropriate ...

We walked along the old fortification wall, enjoying the beautiful view of the harbour and stopping to check out every cannon along the way (followed by pleddings of "Mama, take my picture!"). With the occasional history lesson from Dada, we made our way to the Citadel where we arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard.

All that walking, combined with the beautiful summer sun, made us a bit warm. We came to a park that had a fountain(?) that looked appealing. There were no signs around saying that we couldn't play in the water -- believe me, I looked -- so we stripped down and cooled off in the water. By the time we left, nobody had been arrested and there were lots of others in the water too ... just call us trendsetters from Nova Scotia :-)

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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful & memorable time. Wow... wish I'd had a blog when I was a Mama!


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