Monday, August 27, 2012

Our BIG Adventure -- Day 10 & 11

After our day at the fair, it was time to get back on the road. As there is much country that we want to see, as well as many people, there are some days that are spent mostly driving. But some of our most interesting discoveries have come when we were least expecting it, and days 10 and 11 brought many interesting and unexpected discoveries.

The dragonflies in Graham's Island State Park, North Dakota, were amazing. There were big groups of them that seemed to congregate just out of reach, but close enough to get our attention.

The Geographical center of North America is in North Dakota ... who knew? We came across this monument on the side of the road and just had to stop for a picture.

Dot's Homestyle Pretzels - the pride of Dakota (according to the package) were a yummy discovery! We will be going through the Dakotas on our way home too and will definitely be looking to pick up some more.

Once we got into Saskatchewan, we came across this place ...

It's Dog River! Dog River is actually a fictional place, but the building and the grain elevator where they shot scenes for "Corner Gas" are really on the prairie in Saskatchewan. We had been admiring all the grain elevators and stopped to take a picture of the one that said Dog River, and when we turned around, there was the other building too!

And to top off our day, we had the most amazing view from the hills around our campsite in Buffalo Pound Park.

Another great day on this big adventure of ours ...

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