Sunday, February 6, 2011

The House List -- Bathroom 1

Another room to be crossed off the list!  This little bathroom has been painted for awhile, but has been waiting for a few finishing touches and a minor plumbing repair.

**Attention all parental units!**  
Put down the wrench, take off your rubber boots and sit down again!  I said a minor  plumbing repair -- more like tiny -- and please notice the use of the past tense in the above sentence.  It has been fixed, but thank you for your concern.

Again we used a dark colour in a very small room -- it's becoming a thing with us -- but I really like it.  The colour was chosen to match (actually, more like camouflage) the counter as much as possible because we were not going to change it.  The flooring is the same (after much debate) as is the hardware (which got a new coat of paint), but a new curtain, mirror, faucet and some plants and it's like a new room! 

All in all, another easy room done.  What do you think?

By the way, it's very difficult to takes pictures of such a small room.  It's even harder to keep out of the pictures when there is a mirror in the room!


  1. I think you should tell us what the color is. I am in the process of wanting to paint every room in my condo (only 1 is done) and am very interested what the color is called.

  2. I'll work on tracking down the names and let you know. Thanks, that's a great idea!


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