Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our BIG Adventure Days 14, 15 & 16

The Wedding

We left Drumheller and headed to Edmonton for the wedding that was the original reason for our trip -- an idea that grew into this grand adventure!

Along the way, the boys practised their singing (always to the tune of "Oh Canada" for some reason -- Olympic hangover, I think!)  My favourite rendition was:

"Mark and Hilary,
Are in love with me ..."

That's as far as they ever got before exploding into fits of laughter.

We decided to stay in a hotel while in town -- we figured the other guests might appreciate it if we all had showers.  Also there was a pool, lots of clean towels, and an iron -- clothes that sit in the bottom of a box for 2 weeks tend to get a bit wrinkled!

 After the showers and freshly ironed clothes, the boys thought that we looked pretty good (I never iron anything at home, so freshly ironed clothes were a real treat!)  They thought that such "fancy people" deserved some special treatment, so as we drove the streets of Edmonton, they shouted out the windows:  "Fancy people, coming through ... fancy people, make way for the fancy people!"

The Fancy People
 As for the wedding, Paul did his ushering thing, I did my reading, the groom said "I do", the bride said "I do", we had our picture taken a couple of times ... it was a beautiful success.  Congratulations to my brother and my new sister-in-law!

The groom's family minus a few
 After a brunch reception the next day (we ate, we told stories, we laughed), we headed west toward the Rockies ... the ROCKIES!!  I am so excited!

Another great bunch of days on this big adventure.

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