Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Why Child

Everybody has met one.

You know, those kids whose answer to everything you say is:  "Why?".  They look so innocent and cute, so you try to answer their questions the best you can.

"Why?" the child responds.

"Wow," you think to yourself, "this child is obviously very bright.  Good thing that I am here to answer their questions!", so you come up with another thoughtful answer.

"Why?" the innocent voice answers again.

As before, you try to give an answer that will satisfy this incredibly inquisitive child.

... 10 minutes later, you are running out of plausible answers, and this  #@^!-ing kid  (ahem!) lovely child is still asking "why?".  You're not sure what to say anymore, you're fighting the incredible urge to shout "BECAUSE I SAID SO!", when the parent of said child announces that it is time to go.  You breathe a huge sigh of relief as your tiny adversary walks away (waving a cute good bye all the way, of course).

Yes, everybody knows one of those.

I, too, have met my fair share of "why children" (and laughed good naturedly about it with the parents), but never before have I had one living at my house ... until now!

Beware of this "Why Child"!

Oh, I know that she looks cute enough, but don't let her lure you in with her cute smile and apparent shyness.  Once you get her talking, it is almost inevitable ... the "why?"s will go on and on and on, sometimes without any apparent consideration for the answer that you have just given -- grrrrrr!  So this your personal warning:  start conversations with this child at your own risk! :)  Gotta love those terrific twos!

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