Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Things #31

 In an effort to remember that little "in between" moments can also make you happy, Fridays are now a list of some of those little moments that have put a smile on my face in the last seven days.

Things That Made Me Smile

... Madness at the breakfast table -- rocking out with the kids and a bowl of granola!

... some walls with new paint on them -- there is progress being made in Our House :)

... a week of feeling a little under the weather that lead to some guilt-free naps

... a visit to the Acadia Art Gallery to see a collection of local artist's work

... happy boys playing soccer completely unattached to me and, as a result of this miraculous event, an hour that I got to talk to some other adults (we talked about kids, but it still counts as a grown up conversation, right?)

... the ever increasing vocabulary of the girl, who people keep reminding me, will soon be 2

... knitting projects completed -- yes, knitting!  It's on my list of things to blog about ... this week ( I hope)

... a conversation with Owen ... having forgotten to give Dada a good night kiss, he proceeds to give the kiss to me to relay.  After having pressed his face against my cheek as hard as he can, he tells me that the reason he had to press so hard was so that the kiss would pass through my cheek and into my mouth.  He then asks me to open my mouth so that he can inspect his work.  "Yes," he says, "it's in there.  I can see Dada's name on it!"

Happy Friday!

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