Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Blurb

This year our Christmas cards were sent without our usual little blurb.  You know the ones ... where parents get a chance to brag about what their kids have accomplished throughout the year, and are interested in -- stuff that is only interesting to parents and grandparents -- accompanied by a very cute picture (that took forever to get everybody to cooperate for).  Anyway, with all the hustle and bustle going on in our "healed" home this season, we sent off the cards sans blurb, and I have been regretting it ever since -- since I know you all are dying to know all about my kids.  So, (have no fear!) I writing it now and calling it a New Year's letter!  I can hear the collective sigh of relief out there from you all.

6 Winters in Wonderland New Year's Letter

Isaac (9) likes sports of all kinds.  He loved playing soccer this summer and practiced in the back yard whenever he could find an opponent (much to the dismay of our neighbour and her flowers -- oops!).  He is always up for a ball hockey game and with his goalie gear from Christmas is well protected while minding the net.  His goals for 2012 include more soccer, learning to cook, and lots more visits with Grampie.

Aidan (7 1/2) has recently developed a love for "punny" jokes.  He continues to be a great Lego creator and lists his favourite 2011 activities as:  time spent with his cousins at the cottage (they were all accounted for as a special treat this year), the huge amounts of beach time we had this summer, and Christmas with Grampie.  He will consider 2012 equally good if he gets to go to the beach and the pool this year -- did I mention that Aidan took swimming lessons this summer and had a blast?

Owen (5) loves to rhyme.  He frequently walks around rhyming words and sounds (both real and make believe) which he thinks is hilarious. He has an infectious laugh and is even good about laughing at himself when his using a word incorrectly, causes everybody else to laugh (i.e. kissing under the Christmas middle toe).  When asked to recall something that had been difficult in 2011, he replied "lifting the picnic table".  Definitely the clown of the clan!

Laurel (20 months) had a year full of firsts -- first steps, first words, first birthday ...  She has discovered that the boys (Dada included) will do almost anything for her and has almost perfected using that to her advantage. Pink is her colour -- literally, as the boys have decided that pink is a girl's colour and Mama doesn't do pink --anything pink in the house really is hers and she can often be heard using one of her favourite words: "mine".  She never goes anywhere with her trusted thumb and her comfort -- Mama's hair.

Kramer, the black lab that we adopted over Christmas, has settled in very nicely.  What a nice start to our collection of animals to come!  I'm sure that he will make it into a picture soon.

We all agreed that the most challenging part of 2011 was fixing the house -- not only the physical construction, but the extended vacation and separation that accompanied it.  Returning to a home that is safe (even if there is still work to do) has been such a blessing.  We have spent lots of time in our reconstructed home just being together and remembering to be thankful for all that we have.

We hope that 2012 will find us moving to a new place to call home -- a place where we can spread out a little bit and pursue some of our other dreams.  I hope that you all are dreaming big for 2012 too!  Happy New Year to all!

From the Winter's


  1. Wonderful to read on New Years Eve. Happy 2012 to your beautiful family. Hug the kids for me. xoxo

  2. What a great blurb! Your family is so special and I'm so very thankful of the friendships we've started with you guys. Happy 2012 and all the newness it brings :)


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