Friday, July 22, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy # 24

Strolling around the Internet one day, I came across a blog post entitled "100 Things That Make Me Happy". What a great idea, I thought as I scanned the list, so Fridays are now dedicated to things that make me happy!

Things That Make Me Happy!
# 24  The Letter "P"

While this may seem a little obvious, after all my name begins with this most perfect letter, my thinking today is simply that many of the pleasant things that we did today, also start with the letter "p". While I cannot claim to have planned this occurrence, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. The surprise of the theme, just added to today's happiness.

A Parade. This is how we started the day -- not sure what prompted this, but who was I to argue. It started out as a musical parade, but morphed into this ... a farmer, a knight and a ... I'm still not sure what Isaac was.

Paper Planes. A few weeks ago, while visiting some friends, we made these super cool paper planes. With a house full of boys today, I thought it would be the perfect time to test them out again. It is a basic paper plane design, but with an elastic added to give it some extra propulsion (another "p" word!). They work great, as our neighbour can attest to -- we lost a few over the fence (oops!) -- and the boys had a blast shooting them all over the yard.

The decorating was essential and, in some cases, very detailed.

A Picnic snack. After a short but difficult hike, we arrived at this beautiful spot over looking the beach at Blomidon.

Picked a couple of raspberries along the Path. Wild raspberries ... yum, yum!

Played at the beach. Well, you can't get that close to the water and not stick a toe in ... umm, I mean, get soaked!

And, to top it all off, Pizza for supper -- sorry no picture, I was too slow and the crowd was too hungry.

So there you have it ... parade, paper planes, picnic, picking, play and pizza ... and now that all my players are parked in bed, it is very peaceful. It has been a good day -- perhaps even Perfect!

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