Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonderland Round Up -- Week of July 24

Goals for the Week:

My darling baby is not sleeping very well (at night or at nap time), so my goal for the week is to see what I can do to help her ... oh, and try not to fall asleep while driving, cooking, walking or anything that may be dangerous.

Recipe that we have tried or want to try:

Something easy and tasty ... anybody have any suggestions?  When in doubt, bake bread!

Book(s) I am Reading:

The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno.  Along the same lines as last week's book, but a little more drastic.  Not sure that I could ever get down to 100 things, but I like the idea.

Website or Blog Discovery:

Looks like some great activities here and all done with frugality in mind -- my kind of fun!  I hope to try some of the ideas this week.  I'll keep you posted!

Kid Saying of the Week:

Owen walked into my room early one morning and announced that Dada was home (Dada delivers the morning newspaper, so it is not uncommon for him not to be home when he gets up).
I:  How do you know?
He:  The car is here.
I:  Maybe he walked.
He:  No, it's too far.
I:  Maybe he took a train ...
He:  No, there are no tracks.
I:  Maybe he took an airplane ...
He:  No there is no airport.
He then walks down stairs to check and returns with this report:  Dada's in the shower.
I:  How do you know?
He:  I heard the soap rubbing!

Finally, a favourite picture from the week:

 Kids, water, and sun ... what else do you need?

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