Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Summer has finally arrived -- the weather is hot and meal planning becomes a little trickier.  Earlier this week, I pulled a pie out of the freezer.  The idea of meat pie and a big salad was applauded by all -- a rarity in our house.  The plan was to cook the pie in the toaster oven so as not to heat the whole house, brilliant, right?

So, supper time came, the pie was cooked and the pastry smelled heavenly, the salad was made, the boys were all washed and sitting at the table.  As I cut into the pie, the boys discussed the best way to divide up this culinary delight.  That's when I sensed that something wasn't quite right ...

It turns out that the pie I pulled out of the freezer was rhubarb, not meat!  Well, now what? 

We were promised pie, so we had pie!  Right on the plate with our salad -- was there really any other option?  I didn't think so.  It was an odd but delicious combination and, strangely enough, there were no complaints from the boys about finishing their supper.

"If we were having meat pie, we would be allowed to have seconds, so does that mean that we can have another piece of pie?"  reasoned the 7 year old.  Tricky boy!

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  1. That's awesome!! :) May as well live a little while we'll here! ;)


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