Monday, May 23, 2011

My Finishing Project -- Day 1

The Garden

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I had hoped to have something more exciting for you on day 1 -- not that the garden isn't exciting, because it certainly is (I'll tell you what we planted in a minute), but it is a little predictable for this time of year, isn't it?  Anyway, today was the only day this week that there was no rain in the forcast, so (as my dad says) you gotta make hay while the sun shines.

First, I'm happy to report that the strawberries are all doing well.  I put some grass clippings (what I could wrestle away from the boys) around the plants to keep the weeds down .  After a couple more mowings, I should have enough to cover the whole bed.  All of the plants have little green leaves on them (although the grass clippings makes it harder to see, but the nice red berries should stand out nicely!), so I guess that I can now add strawberry planter to my resume!

Now for the new stuff.  Today we (me and my rotating staff -- vegetables are only interesting for so long, I guess) planted spinach, beans, peas, broccoli (a new adventure for us), and tatsoi -- an oriental vegetable that we discovered last year in our weekly CSA box from TapRoot Farms.  I've left spaces for the tomatoes and peppers that are not yet ready to move outside --they seem to be growing ever so slowly this year.  Is anyone else having this challenge?

We are also trying some flowers this year -- not something that we usually do with 3 boys running around the yard.  But when it comes time to sell the house, some colour around the yard will be nice, so we are starting now.  We ordered a butterfly collection of flowers in the hopes of attracting the little guys to our yard this summer.  I'm also hoping that the promise of having butterflies will be enough to convince little feet to stay out of the garden -- that will work, right?  So I dug up around the tree in our backyard and started planting butterfly flowers, cone flowers, joe pye weed, blazing stars, and blue sea holly.  Oh yes, and a butterfly bush which I had to find a different place for because it will supposedly grow to be 6 feet high -- too tall for under the tree.  The crab apple tree is beautiful right now, but that's about all you can see.  I'll take another picture later this summer when the flowers are all in bloom!

This is the butterfly bush which has already been sat on once (sigh!).  Flowers in my yard ... what was I thinking?

Well, I made it through day 1!  A tiring but productive day, now off to prepare for day 2.

How is (are) your project(s) going?

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