Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Oscars!

Inspired by a Family Circus comic that my mother in law cut out of the paper for us (I tried to find a link to it, but no luck), this is how the Oscars would have been awarded at our house.

Best Dressed
(and best "I'm too cool to smile" look) 
 Isaac found this clip on tie at Grampie's house last week and has been wearing it ever since!

Best Song

I know many of you have seen Owen's "12 Days of Christmas" video before, and I tried to link to it, but was unable to. Just imagine the 5th day of Christmas over and over and over again -- with a pocketful of money thrown in! (For those who may not have seen it, it's on Facebook under my videos if you are interested)

Best Make Up

Doctor, Doctor, my baby is covered in blood ... oh, wait, it's just beets!

Best Costumes 

I really wanted the drag queen pirate that has been visiting our house to win, but these are the only guys who showed up, so they won by default.

Best Special Effects
Look at that boy flying toward the sun -- amazing! 

Best Love Scenes
(rated G for all viewers) 

So much love ... it's a tie!

I guess that with contenders like these, we're all winners!


  1. In the best costumes section Isaac looks a bit like his uncle Mark.

  2. You are all winners... Winters.... ~ wonderful creative & fun stuff!


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