Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sew What!

This is what I gave the boys for Christmas this year.  Yeah, I know, "what is it?" was their reaction too. I had great hopes of making them each an apron for baking or crafting or pretending whatever their little hearts desire.  I got the pieces cut out, but didn't get any farther -- thus the very unimpressed reaction.  It is now March and I'm still looking at the pieces, so today I decided to actually make an apron!

I decided to start with Isaac's and got to work while the boys were playing outside and Laurel was asleep.  Here is the pattern that I used.  I picked this particular pattern because rather than having to tie it in the back -- a difficult skill for any youngster -- it uses velcro!  The decision to start with Isaac's was also part laziness.  Because his was cut from an old shirt, I used the button strip and button holes as the straps, thereby saving myself some time.  I also left the buttons on, and that might be laziness too, but I prefer to think of it as added decoration!  After patting myself on the back, it didn't take too long for it to come together.  After some finishing work -- done under 4 pairs of watchful eyes -- here is the finished product.  Hooray, one down and two to go -- I'd better make it three, by the time I get them all done, Laurel will be ready for one too.

Isaac was very pleased with the outcome and immediately decided that he needed to sew something too; and Aidan, not to be outdone, joined in.  They have been asking for some time to learn to sew, so I guess that today was the day -- so much for getting any more aprons done.  

Isaac picked out some hockey print, flannel material that had once been pajamas.  He wanted to use the sewing machine, so after cutting out his squares and pinning them together (the thing was solid pins when he was done!), we started sewing.

Meanwhile, Aidan had chosen red felt for his project and took great care in cutting out perfect squares.  He also opted to add some buttons on his.  So, after making a pile of buttons and some brief instruction, he started patiently sewing.  I thought that he would lose interest after 2 or 3, but he put 7 buttons on and even threaded the needle by himself.

When the projects were done, it was proudly declared that they would be pillows for their pets (stuffed animals).  They were both so pleased with the results and I was amazed that they did so well.  Guess who will be doing all the mending from now on?  Yeah, I know, it will probably still be me.  Oh well, I'm sure their future wives will thank me one day for teaching them this life skill, right?

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