Sunday, December 11, 2011


I recently read a blog post that claimed December is the hardest time to be a blogger -- so much going on, but so many secrets to keep until the 25th!  I couldn't agree more -- not to mention the challenge of finding the time to write.  So, yes, our house is busy and in full 'gear up for Christmas' mode -- there is a tree in the living room right now, just waiting to be decorated! 

But one of the activities that I have been enjoying this season (that I can share) is our advent calendar.

We usually reuse our calendars from year to year, but this year we were treated to a new one.  It is a beautiful book that tells the story of "The Night Before Christmas" with the last page being this wonderful pop-up scene with 24 little doors.  I love it!

The boys have also been busy, but it is all very hush, hush too.  More about that when I can steal another couple of minutes, but here is a look at projects in progress around our house ... shhhhhh!

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