Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hanging out at Grampie's for a bit while the work starts on our house. While we are here, we are trying to help him clean out his house a bit in preparation for an eventual move.  The challenge is that my dad's idea of getting rid of things is to give them to my boys -- which the boys think is great.  The pile of stuff the the boys want to keep is getting dangerously close to the size of the pile of stuff the is going out!  Yikes!

Yesterday, while working in the garage, the boys found an old skateboard.  They thought that this was a great find and spent the rest of the day practising.

 Owen getting better -- note the tongue sticking out for added concentration!
 Isaac working on his balance -- the lovely red gloves are also a find from Grampie's house.  The boys said something about them making a great addition to a Star Wars costume (?).
Aidan working on a different move and demonstrating inappropriate footwear for skateboarding -- he learned this lesson the hard way.

Time to stock up on bandaids!

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  1. Looks like a fun day!! When I was a kid (even now, truth be told!) I loved finding treasures at my grandparents house!! lol!


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