Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Homemade Perogies

After my recent success in the kitchen, I thought that I would try my hand at something else that I have wanted to try for a while -- perogies! I found this recipe some time ago, and Heather made it sound so easy, not to mention delicious, that I just had to try it.

This is my dough all cut and waiting to be filled.  It was really easy to make and to roll out -- so far so good!

I decided to fill my perogies with potato (of course), onion (shhh, don't tell the boys!), cheese, and a little bit of bacon -- my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Here are a few of my lovely looking perogies, just waiting  to be cooked.

After boiling them for a few minutes, I threw them in the frying pan to crisp them up some ... excuse me while I clean up the puddle of drool ...

Finally, time to eat!  With a salad made from lettuce from our garden, what could be better!

Of course, when the boys saw me taking a picture of my plate, they insisted that I take their pictures as well -- Aidan's diving into his perogies

Well, another success for me with 3 of 4 kids loving them!  There are a few left in the freezer, but not for long.  But, now that I know how, I can always make more -- and I will be!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you liked them. Yours look delicious. When my brother and I were little and my mom made them we used to see who could eat the most - my poor mom having to make so many perogies. ;-) We love ours with sour cream on top and I've since heard of a "secret" sauce that is made with browned butter and sourcream - sounds delicious to me.


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