Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photo Shoot

Every year at Christmas time I take a picture of the kids to send out with the cards.  Truth be told, I usually have to take many pictures in order to find one where everyone is looking in the right direction, eyes all open, mouths all closed, and everyone is looking relatively happy -- an adventure that gets harder and harder with each additional child.  What a job!  I have toyed with the idea of having them done professionally, but have never made the plunge ... until now! 

Heather Rushton of Twin Bridges Photo met us in Hall's Harbour on a beautiful Saturday morning and courageously took on the task of trying to get the perfect family photo.  We had decided that we didn't want anything formal, so Heather followed us around snapping shots where she liked and making a few suggestions.  When the boys discovered that Star Wars was one of her favourite movies, she immediately had three new fans.  She changed the traditional smile inducing "cheeeeese!" to "EEEEEwok" and  "General Grieeeeeevous".  They were so impressed that she knew who these characters were and that she could join in their conversations.  We had a great time playing around, and occasionally looking up for a picture, and Heather was a lot of fun to work with.  Climbing around on the rocks at the beach and talking about Star Wars on a sunny Saturday morning; what could be better than that?

Take a look at some of the great pictures from that morning, and act surprised when you get your Christmas card this year!

All photos by Twin Bridges Photo
Thanks Heather!  To take a look at some of Heather's other work, check out her website:

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