Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The 4th Be With You!

After the Star Wars birthday last week, I was ready to put George Lucas and his empire out of my mind for a while.  But when I discovered this morning that today was "Star Wars Day" (really, I'm not making it up:  "May the 4th (force) be with you" ... this cracks me up!), I decided a change of plans was necessary.

Since there is already plenty of Star Wars talk and play in our days, we were set in that regard.  Our meals, however needed a little ... (insert appropriate Star Wars pun here).  After a little research, I discovered that, not only is this day not a new celebration (there are references dating as far back as 1979, so I guess that it's only me that has been living in a galaxy far, far away), but there were tons of Star Wars inspired food ideas out there.  There are even Star Wars cookbooks!  Most of the ideas that I found, although really cool, were a little too involved for me, so this was our version.  (Check out to see the more involved ideas that inspired us!)

Han-burgers,  Vader veggies & Chewbacca chips

Luckily, there was still plenty of Death Star birthday cake left over.

But, my favourite was Han Solo frozen in Carbonite Jell-o.  (Since Lego floats, I had to let the Jell-o set a bit first, then push the figure to the bottom, so the surface of the carbonite is a little disturbed.)

Happy Star Wars day to all.  Maybe tomorrow will be a Star Wars free day, but probably not!

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  1. I'd settle for a Star Wars free hour! Love your post!!


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