Monday, May 2, 2011

Hooray It's May!

We made it through the April showers, the snow is only a memory, and now we are ready for the May flowers!  Here is what the Spring looks like at our house right now.

Buds are starting to pop out of the ground.  I guess that I should get weeding!

A new BBQ!  After 9 years and some serious dancing in the wind last year (the BBQ, not me!), our old BBQ had to be retired.  The new one is so shiny, I almost hate to use it -- it might get dirty!

 Blossoms on the trees ...

 ... and flowers in my neighbours' yards.

 The garden is almost ready to be planted,

and spring bike tune-ups.

First BBQ of the season  -- the new BBQ is officially broken in ... mmmmmm!

There are great signs of Spring around our house, I hope that you can say the same.  Happy May!

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