Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Centerpiece - Apr 4

Last week's centrepiece was either too easy or too hard -- judging by the lack of guesses.  I probably should have mentioned that Isaac (8) made it by himself, and that's why it was all TRUCKS.  See, not really that difficult (unless you were over thinking it), so it must have been that it was too obvious.

This week's, however, is a little less obvious.  It was a group effort -- if that makes any difference -- and I'm not sure that I like the way that it turned out ... hmmmm ... I think that it is the blocks that are bothering me.  They are supposed to spell "FUN" and the "n" got sort of buried, oh well.  As always, the winner gets bragging rights for one week and I'm thinking that I will also post the first correct guesser along with the answer next week -- bragging rights and fame, what could be better than that?  Some people have been posting their guesses on Facebook (which is fine) or you can post them here or email them to me at

Let the guessing begin!

1 comment:

  1. If there are a couple of pinecones hiding behind that glass (and neglecting the fact that there is only one glass), i guess that the theme is the number three.


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