Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Centrepiece - Mar 28

There was great discussion at our house last week about what our new centrepiece theme should be.  Unfortunately, nobody could agree so we went without last week.  The boys spent the week trying to convince me of how they could make a Star Wars theme, but since we have no light sabers, storm trooper helmets or droids around our house I couldn't really see how it was going to work -- they're plan was to fill it with Star Wars inspired Lego creations ... hmmm not working for me.  But have no fear, we are back on track for this week.

So I know that you have all been dying to find out what the theme from 2 weeks ago was (click here for a reminder) ... drum roll please ... Saint Patrick's Day GREEN!  Alright, so we didn't fool anyone with that one, so pat yourselves on the back and get ready for this week's.

Happy Guessing!

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