Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

The outside world is starting to bloom and things here at "6 Winters in Wonderland" are getting spruced up too!  I haven't done much posting this week, but I am hoping to dedicate more time to that in the coming weeks as we try to establish a more manageable routine. Also, now you can make sure that you never miss a post by having them emailed directly to you!  Or you can subscribe to have the posts added to your Google or Yahoo homepage.  Just look for the boxes on the right!

I know that in many parts of the country, there is still snow to be found, but in our little corner of Canada, there is very little remaining (except for the dusting covering the ground right now from this afternoon's weather).  The boys are playing in the dirt, -- or mud when they find it -- I'm hanging laundry on the line again and I actually saw a robin in the yard this week.  Spring is certainly well under way here!  So, in celebration of this, we finally took down the paper snow flakes on our dining room window and replaced it with this more springlike scene.

I know that it is difficult to see with the yard in the background -- anybody have any tips about taking pictures against a window?

The boys were keen to *cover* the window with flowers, birds, trees, butterflies, ponds, bugs, worms, bushes and other Spring items, but I managed to convince them that it might be a good idea to leave some open space so that we could still see out the window -- it was a close vote!

Here is the tree with it's many leaves all hanging, for some reason, on the bottom of the branch (the few on the top were my addition).

The tree also houses a bird's nest, complete with bird who is sitting on some pretty nice eggs.  Looks like we are going to have some more birds soon!

Here are some other little birds who are busy building their nests.  My, what strong little birds to be able to carry such large sticks!

And the flowers are in full bloom already -- my kind of garden!

The boys (except Owen who sat at the table and happily cut paper into little tiny pieces) worked all afternoon one day on this project and additions have been made throughout the week as well.  They already planning to add more birds when the eggs hatch, more flowers as the season progresses and have great plans for additions and subtractions for the fall and winter too -- they have it all thought out!

It is definitely looking more like Spring both inside and outside of our house.  I hope that the same can be said for your house!

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  1. Love your early garden. Love the window pic of the branch with Peg's addition. Be proud Mom & Dad.... the most creative parents I've ever known. xo


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