Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This year for Christmas, our family received a good old fashioned toboggan (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!).  This classic Canadian winter activity is very popular in our house (well, not actually in our house) and, as you can see, everyone was pretty excited.  It is a six foot, wooden sled, complete with a red pad (probably more to protect the older bones and butts that hope to also get a turn)!  We couldn't wait to try it out on our favourite hill.  

Well, today was the day!  We headed out after lunch with high spirits, warm clothes and our back-up plastic sleds (just in case).  It was a great day -- not too cold, not too sunny -- and we had the hill to ourselves.  The snow was a little too wet to go very fast or very far, but we left with wet mittens, big smiles and plans for the next time (like how to fit all 6 of us on the toboggan)!  What a great day and they are calling for more snow tomorrow!

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