Friday, January 14, 2011


Okay, I know that it is Friday and I'll get to that later today, I hope, but first I have tell about what we have been up to the last couple of days.  

The matriarch of the Winter family turned 80 yesterday!  The word "matriarch" sounds so old and stuffy, but my mother in law is anything but.  She welcomed me into her family from the very beginning and has loved, cared and prayed for my family in that experienced way that we are all so grateful for.  So, in honour of such a great woman, we've been busy preparing and celebrating!

One thing I've learned about this family is that they like to surprise each other.  I, myself, have been "victim" to a bridal shower and two baby showers, all surprises.  All this secret keeping -- skirting the truth, sneaking around, secret conversations -- gets confusing.  Trying to remember who knows what, who am I allowed to say what to, and how much to tell the boys (their secret keeping abilities sometimes aren't the best).  I've learned it's easiest to just keep quiet and plead innocence when the truth comes out.  So, with a big occasion like an 80th birthday coming up, secret emails, conversations and plans were a-buzzing.  Surprise gifts that arrived during a planned phone conversation, and surprise guests that almost didn't make it on account of the weather -- more secret conversations! -- all came together in the end and were well worth the reaction of the birthday girl!

My contribution was the cake, probably not much of a surprise, but the theme always is (especially when you let little ones pick the theme -- "No, not a truck, something that Grandma would like!").  In honour of our recent tobogganing outing, they agreed that we should make a sledding cake and set about to find a picture of one that we liked.  We found one on blog called "Serena's Sweets", but there were no instructions, so we decided to wing it.  I don't know who Serena is, but thanks to her, wherever she is.  I think that this is one my favourites of all the cakes that I have made over the years!

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

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