Sunday, July 31, 2011

Your 2 Cents!

I have been a blogger for 7 months now and in that time, I have made several discoveries. 
1) Life is good!  --  no matter how bad the day seems to have been, no matter how messy the house is or how many band-aids we've gone through that day, there is always something good to celebrate -- some days just require a little more searching than others. 
2) Writing is fun! -- blogging is nothing like all those boring papers that I had to write in school. 
3) Time is precious -- looking back at all the things that have happened in the last 7 months, how my children have grown and progressed -- wow, time flies.  All those things that seemed soooo important at the time ... as it turns out, they really were not. 
This new adventure has really been a lot of fun for me and I would like to thank you all for reading.

Now for the fun part.  I am looking to make some improvements and that's where you come in -- this is the exciting part, look excited,  I need your feedback!  This is your chance to tell me what you would like to see around here, what works, what doesn't work, and what you are really enjoying.

In the comments below, please write about anything you like (about the blog, silly!).  For those of you who need a little help, here are some suggestions:

Post length -- too long, too short, just right?
What subjects do you most enjoy reading about?
Would you be interested in reading a guest post or maybe you would be interested in writing a guest post?
What changes to the layout or design would you like to see?
Have you joined the Facebook group -- is it useful or not?

In addition to your honest, courteous and constructive comments, would you also tell me your general location (your province, if you are in Canada, or your country if outside Canada) and you favourite post of all time -- and if you a feeling really generous, why.  If this is your first time here, welcome!  I hope that you will take a minute to share your first impressions.

While I cannot promise to put every suggestion into place (because your going to inundate me with them, right?), I will read them all and reply to as many as possible.  Please note, that I have changed the settings so that anyone may comment (no more asking for your phone number) and that you can even comment anonymously.  If you would prefer to send me an email, you may certainly do so (, but for this survey, I would prefer that you not leave your comments on Facebook.

Thanks in advance for all your helpful comments!


  1. Hey there #1 Mom!!!! ~ I've enjoyed all of your blog themes. The pictures & related subject matter are fabulous & creative. Gotta say... I really loved the STAR WARS episode... but why wouldn't I?
    I'd love to see an Art Linkletter approach to the kids sense of humour/intellect. They are ALL so humourous & super-smart. ie. Ownen calling Laurel "Loyal" is just a small but funny detail. What about something verbal/cerebral/humourous? Like a series of questions you put forward to the kids.. & let them react/respond on video? Just an idea. Keep 'em coming! You're a great writer Peg... & you two are at the top of my list for terrific parents. xo :)

  2. Thanks for all the praise! I kinda figured that the Star Wars Haircuts would be at the top of your list :) I'll try to do better at reporting on those quirky things the kids say!

  3. I love your blogs just the way they are. I love reading them.

    Karen(New Minas)


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