Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Big Adventure -- Day 1

It has been crazy the last few days in the Winter household, with one house needing to be emptied and another not ready to be filled (I do not recommend moving and going on vacation at the same time, by the way!).  As I was madly packing boxes to go to the new house AND packing up the camper for our grand adventure (and wondering how we had managed to accumulate so much stuff), a friend called to say goodbye and, oh so gently, remind me of just how lucky we were  ... so (message received) it was with a thankful heart (and a few hours behind schedule) that we set off on our BIG adventure.

Day 1

This is our "on our way" picture.  Everybody was supposed to wear their sunglasses, but in the last minute rush to get going, some were unaccounted for at departure time  ... they have all since been found.  And Laurel says that hers are not upside down, thank you very much!

We drove and drove and drove (Owen found the drive a little tiring) with only a couple of stops.  First in Moncton for a quick visit with Grampie and Sandra (at Tim Horton's of course), then in Gagetown for supper (the Creek View Restaurant was very tasty!).  We finally arrived at Maple Leaf campground just outside of Edmundston a little late, but still fired up about the adventure and looking forward to day 2!


  1. WoooHOOO!!!! Have a great second day :)

  2. I'm keeping track of you! Enjoy your adventure. This is pretty great.


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