Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Things #34

In an effort to remember that little "in between" moments can also make you happy, Fridays (or if I get really behind, Sundays -- oops!) are now a list of some of those little moments that have put a smile on my face in the last seven days.

Things That Made Me Smile

 ... boys who still want me to colour with them

... a string a beautiful sunny days this week

... snow, a toboggan and boys who love adventure (like sledding backwards down a hill -- yikes!, and yes, there are 4 of us on that toboggan)

... a sense of curiosity -- who knew that a wasp getting the house would be so interesting?

... finding a new skiing buddy -- Isaac did great his first time out!

... more winter weather and lots of play time

... Laurel's reaction to falling out of bed (the falling part wasn't so happy for her or me!)  I asked her where she bumped -- thinking that if she could stop crying long enough to tell me where she hurt that things were probably okay.  She pointed to the floor and said "down there!".  She's fine.

... kicking back at meal time

Happy Sunday!


  1. "In between" moments... need to be savoured. You are so right!
    Laurel's answer to what she hit was hilarious.
    See you Thursday.


  2. How old is Isaac? I have been thinking about putting Liam on skiis this month, he is seven, but I am not sure how that will go!!


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