Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's Lesson: Hanging Doors

One of the jobs left around the house is hanging doors.  One of these doors is a bathroom door which, although I accept that having kids means getting very little privacy, is a luxury I no longer wish to live without.  So, bright and early this morning Roger pulls up in his truck and starts pulling out tools of all shapes and sizes.  Immediately anything that I had planned to do today with the boys went right out the window.  I had lost them to the call of wood, saws, and a very cool nail gun -- should I be worried that they seemed particularly interested in the nail gun?  So "teacher" Roger was watched very carefully and followed up and down the stairs and regaled with stories about their Halloween costumes and anything else that they thought was cool enough to talk about to the guy with all the great "toys".

Then there was a little snag.  It turns out that our old doors -- which I rather liked -- are not square.  Which was fine because it matched the rest of the house, but when they put up the new walls, they (just for kicks, I suppose) made everything square.  This meant that the old doors wouldn't fit without great effort.  A great debate followed about pre-hung doors versus the labour intensive job that it would be to put the old doors back.  In the end we went with pre-hung (oh, well).

When the new doors arrived, Owen was alarmed that they didn't have any door knobs.  Isaac, in his all-knowing voice, reported:  "No Owen, free range doors don't come with knobs!"

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious! Nothing like a free-range door. ha ha.
    Looking forward to seeing the renovations.


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