Sunday, April 10, 2011

Star Wars Hair Cuts

It was time to get the hairs cut again.  I have tried to cut the boys hair myself (Dada won't let me anywhere near his hair with scissors -- I'm not that bad!), and although the boys couldn't care less about the uneven results, it's a job that I usually leave to the professional.  Thinking that they might like to have some say in the end result, I asked what kind of haircut they would like.  "Star Wars!" was the reply.  Silly me, that is the answer to every question these days (*sigh*).

Being a little uncertain what a S.W. haircut looked like (and praying it looked nothing like a Wookie), I asked for some clarification.  They ran for their Lego magazines and pointed to the figures with helmet-like hair.  As gently as possible, I suggested that these pictures might not be the best examples of what they were looking for.  They thought for a minute, then went in search of other visual representations for their chosen styles.  We ended up Google-ing "Star Wars hair styles" and when tons of images came up, I got the look that said "see Mama, how could you not have known what we were talking about!"

Luckily, our hair dresser has a good imagination, lots of patience and loves boys.  She enthusiastically looked at the pictures they picked out and started telling them how they could use gel to get their hair to look exactly like the pictures.  The boys were super excited -- "finally, someone who understands what we're talking about!"

Owen picked Anakin Skywalker as a young boy.  It looks just like the bowl cut that my Mom used to give me!  I could do that, I thought, but then it wouldn't have been a S.W. haircut.  So I bit my tongue and only suggested that it be a bit less bowl-like.

Owen's inspiration ...

... and this is Owen ... oops, I mean our Anakin ... amazing resemblance, right?

The older boys, both chose an older version of Anakin Skywalker.  I think that it was the spiky hair that they really liked and the cool light saber, of course.  It's funny that the picture they picked shows very little of his hair!  Anyway, here is their inspiration picture ...

... and here is Anakin #2 (a.k.a. Aidan).  He decided that he didn't like the spiky look as much, so he flattened most of it down, but very Anakin-like nonetheless.


... and Anakin #3, or Isaac as we like to call him ... ready for battle!

The boys were very pleased with the results.  I guess that I better stock up on gel!  

Thanks Margie for being a good sport and your enthusiasm about it all -- we couldn't have done it without you!


  1. WOW!!!! Great pictures of our Star Wars celebrities. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Peg & Paul for the delicious pizza/spinach salad/ cupcake dinner afterward. I loved it all. xoxo :)
    And.... belated happy birthday "Loyal"

  2. Their haircut look handsome.


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