Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Earth Day dawned beautiful and bright.  I really wanted to plant a tree, but our little backyard is ... well ... little, so we opted for an equally important, but easier project -- starting our garden (all the while reminding myself that we will someday have more outdoor space to run, explore, grow more vegetables, climb trees, raise chickens, and whatever other outdoor activities we might choose -- ahhh, someday)!

The boys were eager to help out, but any project that involves dirt or the possibility of getting dirty is popular around here.  They took turns filling the egg cartons with soil, so it was a recycling project as well as a gardening adventure.  I did bring out a spoon, but I didn't actually expect that they would use it.  Surprisingly, they very carefully put spoonfuls of soil in each carton and meticulously levelled each one off -- it was very serious work.   Then, just as carefully, they planted the seeds.

Yes, they are really in their bare feet.  No it is not really that warm here, they just thought that taking off their socks was easier than putting on their shoes!

We decided that each boy could have a corner of the garden to care for and plant whatever they wanted.  They talked excitedly about what they would like to plant, how they were going to weed it everyday, and the great bounty that would be produced from their little corner -- I think that they are over estimating the size of their "little corner".  Maybe I should just divide the garden up and let them take care of the whole thing!

In true Earth Day spirit, we found and whittled some sticks to make plant markers.  Now we'll remember which plants are which!  We even made a couple extra to put in our garden when the time comes.

Dreaming of fresh home-grown vegetables.  I guess we better get the garden ready -- I think I'll start by asking all my little workers to remove the trucks!

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. What a great way to spend 'Earth Day' ~ looking forward to all your veggies popping up in the back yard. Happy Easter to the 'Wonderful Winters'. xoxo


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