Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama's Little Helper

This is my life right now.  If I can't do something with one hand, or while balancing someone on my knee, or with someone attached to my leg (or sometimes both legs), it simply doesn't get done.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint, but it is challenging at times.  Other times, I just have to accept that certain things are not going to get done and be okay with that.

On this particular day, Laurel's input was extremely important because I was making a new diaper for her.  She is dangerously close to outgrowing the infant sized diapers that we have -- I'm really surprised that they still fit at all -- and the toddler ones seem WAY too big.  So I made one in an in between size to see if it would work.  (I meant to take a picture of it after I was done, but forgot.  Today she wore it and you definitely don't want to see it now!)

I found the pattern in one of my favourite books called "Handmade Home" by Amanda Blake Soule.  I love that it uses thrifted or repurposed items to create something new -- our new diaper is made from an old T shirt and a receiving blanket!  She has an amazing blog too where she writes about finding the joy in the simple everyday things, her latest family adventures and crafty creations.

This is not my first project from this book.  I have also made a picnic blanket from materials found around our home plus a couple of bed sheets from Frenchy's.  It started out as a wedding present for a friend, but when I found out that she was expecting, it was going to be a baby shower gift, when the baby was born, it was going to be a baby gift, when Christmas came, it was going to be a family gift ... well, you get the picture ... but I finally finished it and was quite pleased with the results.

All rolled up and ready to go!

Lots of interesting project to try, but now that all my little helpers are asleep, I'm off to finish some of the two-handed tasks that were skipped today!


  1. You are amazing Peg. The many things you manage to accomplish in the run of just one day. The kids are in such a wonderful & productive environment. Lotsa love & learning.

  2. I well remember those days - mine involved having a helper for carpentry or mechanical projects - it would be nice if he still wanted to help now that he is sixteen!


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