Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

Another Thursday and another load of snow -- Mother Nature seems to have something against Thursdays!  Our regular Thursday morning plans were cancelled which left plenty of time for some shovelling and outside play for all.  

The boys love to shovel -- at least they do now, just wait until they get older when it will not be optional.  They each have a shovel -- although when they forget to pick them up (which is often), they get buried in the new snow and then it's "America's Funniest Video" just waiting to happen!  Dada (grudgingly, I'm sure) usually leaves them a spot to do.  This morning, after moving the vehicles out of the way, but before the boys could get out to do their part, our neighbour thoughtfully came along with his truck and plowed the whole driveway -- Yipee!  But, the boys were disappointed until, that is, they realized that shovelling would not have left such a large pile at the end of the driveway to play and dig in -- can you say snow fort?

The white of the snow always makes our house look dirty.  I guess that I'll have to add "clean the house" to the to-do list in the Spring.  And why Owen feels the need to shovel the road, I'm not really sure.  I guess that with the driveway all done, he still had energy to burn -- oh, to have that kind of energy again!

The neighbours have a much bigger pile of snow in their yard, the boys discovered.  Great for bum sliding, hiding behind and just some good old climbing around.  They should sleep well tonight!


  1. Sorry I didn't make it over for the visit. Hope to see you all soon. :)

  2. I wish we had that much snow! Looks like they had a fun day!


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