Thursday, February 17, 2011


The boys are really enjoying the Monopoly game that we got for Christmas.  Well, except Owen, his job is to roll the dice for me for right now and he's happy with that.  We play in 30 minute blocks, which seems just long enough for these young tycoons, then everybody puts all their money and property into an envelope marked with their name and the space they were on.  It has been a few years since I have played and we've had to consult the instructions a couple of times to refresh our memories, and I'd forgotten how much math is in the game -- I guess I don't have to feel bad about missing our math lesson this morning, this was way more fun!


Isaac is in jail until the next time!


  1. Oh Wow.... my FAVOURITE game! Next time I come over? What a perfect way to practice math skills.

  2. That is the most creative way of ending or suspending play I have heard of. Usually it is a matter of leaving it on the table etc. so the tendency is to play longer or not to play at all. I love the idea - who knows today is a stat holiday in Alberta, maybe it is time to break out the Monopoly board.

    Too bad about Isaac though - hope he can post bail at the beginning of the next round.


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