Monday, January 31, 2011

Owen's Room

After months of telling Owen that we would paint his room, I can finally say that it's done!  The old paint showed off every mark perfectly -- not a very good quality for a little boy's room -- and somewhere along the way, someone had tried to jazz it up with some pencil markings ... hmmm, so it really needed a new coat of paint.  Also, this is the first room to be checked off the "getting ready to move" list.  Yes, we've run out of space in our little house, so soon the search will be on for a new place to call home.  Hopefully it will have more space outside, as well as inside, as we hope to eventually add some chickens (along with some other animals of the farm variety, the specifics of which are still being debated) and a bigger garden  - do you think that I'll look good in a cowboy hat, driving a tractor with a blade of straw in my mouth?  Yee Haw!

Anyway, back to the project at hand.  Owen's room -- which he inherited from Aidan -- badly needed a coat of paint, so we started with his room to give him the most time possible to enjoy his new room.  It's also a very small room and therefore an easy place to start.  This was Owen's room before ...

Owen loves anything Toy Story.  He has a Buzz Lightyear comforter (which was handed down from an older cousin, so it's at least 10 years old -- remember when the first Toy Story movie came out?) so we decided to go with a space theme.  I was a little nervous about painting the walls of such a small room in a darker colour, but it wouldn't look like space otherwise, right?  So, we decided to go all out and paint the walls and the ceiling the same "liberty blue".  The trim would be a shade lighter as would the stencilled on stars -- not too many, but enough so that you get the idea.  FYI cardboard does not make the best stencil.  I had planned to put the glow in the dark stars that were on his walls and ceiling back up, but changed my mind as I'll only have to take them down again when we move.  Now if only I had thought of using glow in the dark paint for the stars, that would have been something, oh well, for his next room!

After the painting, the rest was easy.  I put up a cork board (which we had in the basement) for all his Toy Story pictures, printed off some photos of him with people he loves, sized and put up a chalk board (which was part of an easel that never fit in our house, so was retired to the basement), and got him a new (to him -- Kijiji to the rescue!) dresser.  The old dresser was fine, but I couldn't bring myself to paint over the little sheep that I had stencilled on it for Isaac before he was born -- call me sentimental -- and who ever heard of sheep in space?

So, this is what Owen's room looks like now.  Drum roll please ....

I love the way this room came together with bits and pieces from all over.  And I definitely don't regret painting the walls and the ceiling the same colour.  It might be my favourite room in the house right now but, of course, it won't stay this clean for very long.  Oh well, it looks good right now, tomorrow, on to another project.

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  1. Great room! I'll see it in person on Thursday... weather permitting. :)


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